We’re all about the bold and advantageous spirit of some of those we’ve had the pleasure of encountering in this field of work. That’s why this particular proposition is going to be a fun and fortunate idea to discuss!

Just before flying out to Phoenix in 2004, I had the pleasure of meeting with Simon Zutshi and attended a training he was hosting in Birmingham (UK) the one-day “Property Investing Quick Start”. I remember coming up to him after the training and enthusiastically proclaiming, “We need to get this training to Belfast!” It wasn’t until a number of years later, after seeing Dolf de Roos speak at Simon Zutshi’s annual event in London, was I once again impacted by the development of the Property Investors Network (PIN) and thought, “We really do need to get this to Belfast!”

I wanted to learn even more.

Going to PIN meetings during the evenings while I was in UK this past year, I met Mandy Purkiss — a PIN host in Sheffield and a property investor herself — that introduced the concept of PIN (the network monthly meetings) being an effective business opportunity in Belfast. This was the point that I enrolled myself in the Mastermind One Year program Simon Zutshi teaches.

It is THE best professional education I’ve ever received.

The backbone benefits from past students of all ages who have completed the education, leading to a truly priceless experience with torrents of good-will and openness to share information. This experience is by far the most exclusive and unique learning method I’ve encountered.

Okay, calm down. I know you’re just humming with excitement and curiosity to get in on this.
At long last, I’m bringing to Belfast the opportunity for everyone to experience, enjoy and learn from the monumental benefit that is PIN. We will be meeting on the first Tuesday of every month starting February 4, 2014.

Visit www.pinmeeting.co.uk to reserve your spot.