Something that can be found in abundance within this industry is wealth. And, who doesn’t like wealth? One important thing that I learned from my two years under the very knowledgeable wing of the great Dolf de Roos, is the element of leverage and how it differs from anything else in the world of business.

If you look at any other form of investing: share market, savings account, business, etc. — you need to put in 100% of the cash to reap the benefits. In property, you only need up to 25%. The other 75% can be borrowed.

Don’t you just love that that?

We’re all starting to realize how much of a risk the old concept of a pension actually is. Store away enough money for when you need it, hope it’s enough to survive and that it doesn’t get lost or taken away from you. Just last year, thousands became aware of this inadequacy after understanding the interest rate would not allow for appropriate retirement capital.

In a Dispatches program aired in November 2013 on Chanel 4, an in-depth study into pensions was conducted that resulted in an unfortunate conclusion. Jade, a 29-year-old female earning £15,000.00 P.A., not currently contributing to a pension, would have to push £1,200.00 a month into a pension to provide the lifestyle she projects at the age of 60 she would most want to be accustomed.

With such a significant shortfall in pensions, the consequences may surely be felt in the generations to come. In a recent study, it’s estimated the cost of sending students to college in 2025 will be up by 53.75%. How is anyone meant to keep up with that?

This kind of unnecessary, ineffective strategy is the type of unfavorable prospect the wealthy ensure they never make themselves a slave to. This is the point where retiring with an unencumbered asset worth up to £200,000.00 starts sounding like the next best thing, add leverage and a business plan it will be Millions. Remember:

Control is king.

The cost of living is going nowhere but up. The only question left now is: “What are YOU going to do about?”