Moving into property investment is a daunting task, we get it. We were all there at some point. It’s perfectly natural to have questions and it’s even required. Don’t let the various solutions to consider deter you from reaching your calculated objectives.

During my learning under Dolf, he would ask me in my earlier days, “Are you really prepared for the path ahead?” This really stood out to me and I’ve taken it to heart. It’s proven to be a very useful concept to share and teach for a level of reflection one sometimes needs for added inspiration and clarity.

Having built a very successful team of what I now refer to as, “Deal Makers”, with legal backgrounds in Northern Ireland, England & Wales and Scotland. While it took years to construct this team, I now have the ability to offer full lettings management with perfected strategies unbeknownst to others in the industry.

The PIN network meetings starting in Belfast February 14 will help answer many of the questions you may have over the next months for all who attend.

And if you need additional assistance, I will gladly accept your enquiries at [email protected]